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Biosun Ear Candles

biosun_5_pairsThese are by far the holistic practitioners hopi ear candle of choice!

They are made from pure unbleached cotton covered in beeswax, honey extract and herbs like St Johns Wort and Camomile. They are also guaranteed Herbicide and Pesticide Free. Whilst we have recently made the difficult decision to stop supplying them direct to our loyal customers (due to increased prices from our suppliers making the profit margins untenable), we have kept the site open to forward the masses of people, like you, that are interested in purchasing ear candles in the UK, to the large reputable sellers on Amazon. That way you can continue to keep a supply with the backing of Amazons security.

To all our loyal and wonderful customers, we have made the difficult decision to stop selling Biosun ear candles as due to price increases from our supplier, and the fact that we are unable to increase our prices accordingly, their is just not enough profit in them to remain a viable option!
Thank you to all our loyal customers who have been with us for a few years. Its a sad day, but a necessary one.

But rather than drop you in it with nowhere to turn for your Biosun ear candles, here are some links to reputable sellers on Amazon.co.uk

12 Pairs – £61.67

10 Pairs – £52.88 inc postage





5 Pairs – £28.42 inc postage 




3 Pairs – £19.28